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 Detox Shaiya Events!

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PostSubject: Detox Shaiya Events!   Sat Mar 17, 2012 2:03 pm

H & S Monster Madness!

Monsters will be spawned sporadically in d-water, jungle, DD1, DD2, D2, and Kanos.

World Cup Event

The faction that pushes the opposing faction to the goal line the most in 1 hr wins MM.

Naked pvp

Both factions will take all gear off and put in backpack except cape, weapon, accessories, and lvl 1 shields. PvP will be monitored by 2 GMs any characters with gear on will be moved to prison until event is finished. The faction that has the least amount of players in prison after 1 hour wins MM.

Trivia Questions Event

Trivia will be performed by GS at different times. GS will ask common trivia questions and reward winners with prizes.

Event At Medius

Both factions will wait at base until GM announces start of event. Factions must take Medius Alter. The longer the event goes the harder the mobs will be to kill around Medius. The faction that keeps Medius the longest time out of 1 hr wins MM.

King Of The Hill

The objective of King of the hill is to hold the Designated Relic in D-Water for as long as possible. The Designated Relic can be any of the 5 Relics found in the center of the map. And throughout the hour, the Designated Relic will also shift from one Relic to the other. We will be changing the relic to be focused on randomly! Accidentally claiming the wrong relic will result in 10 minutes being removed from the faction's total control time at the end of the event. Winner gets MM.

Capture The GM's

There will be 2 characters on the map , these characters will act as the "Flags". Your factions goal is to capture the flag and bring it to your base. You capture the flag by clearing the area of enemies around the flag and then requesting the flag to ride with you on your mount. This is the only way the flag will move. Once the flag has crossed into your factions base your team will score a point and the flag will reset at another random location. If both Flags are picked up and being carried the one that arrives first at their base will get the point for their faction. The faction with the most points at the end of the event will be declared the winner!

Things to note: Once one of the Flags has scored a point both will respawn in a random location near each other.

There could be up to a 1 minute wait time before the Flags respawn!

You must have a mount to carry the Flags!

Warlords Event

Each faciton will have a GM in their raid. The GM's will have lots of goodies in there back pack and will not have PID on. The object of this event is to have good pvp while getting good gear and drops.

Monster Madness!

Where We Give Bosses Mobs That Drop Goods For One Faction Or Both Factions For Rewarding.

Which You Can Get For Votes Main Thing Or Also Killing The Other Factions Goddess Before They Kill Yours But Also GM Have As Much Rights To Give A MM Only If They Feel That You Deserve They Will Go Right Ahead But Begging Is Not Allow NOTICE NO BEGGING

Hide& Seek!

Finding A Staff Member And Getting Rewarded!

Only GS/GMA Can Host!

Find A Staff Member 100x Get The Tag [NINJA]

Dodge The Guards Aggro!


-Running Through The Guards To The Other Side And Get Rewarded For Your Faction!

-Monthly Event



-Funny + Epic

-Needs Skillz

-Includes Both Factions

-Map Soccer Field Or World Cup Map!

-You May Stop The Other Faction From getting 2 Your Side.

-Witch Can't Duo Boxing.

-Lastly Gotta Get Through 2 Stacks/1Stack Of Guards Lined Up Depends On The Members There Are.

-Reward A MM For 5 Days Pick The Days You Would Want In The Month Faction Will have A Poll On The Dates And When It occurs To Be Fair!

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Detox Shaiya Events!
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